I had spine surgery almost 4 months ago, my spine was about to collapse, extremly painful.

Since I was discharge home ALL COUNTY HEALTH CARE INC. provided me right away all the care and support I needed. Alexander, I beleive he is like a doctor-nurse came every week until I was discharge last week, can’t say enough of how much he care in every way to see all I needed was done, did researches of things that came across with all the pain I was suffering, very human and a great profesional way in taking good care of all my needs. Never missed a week to stop by see how I was doing. Excellent is ALL I can say.

On the other hand, Vernet, the therapist still comes twice a week a makes sure that under the condition I was after surgery, very poor movement on my side was brought me up to gain back on my foot, does care if I progress and even does research because after almost 10 hours of surgery I could hardly move, be on my foot, Vernet has brought me back moving. I know I still have a few more months but I feel he is an excellent therapist and has helped me a lot.

All County Health Care, gave me EXCELLENT service and most of all they care about my well-being, can’t thank enough and recommend them.

I will miss them but as they did give me lots of excellent care. Highly recommend this institution. I was in need to recover and they were there for me 100% Thank you Alexander and Vernet and off course people who are behind making sure we as patients are well taken care of.


All County Health Care 5 stars

Maria E Benitez Navarro


The IPV therapy my Mom has been getting for the last 6 months has been God sent. Our therapist is Alex Porres. He has been wonderful along with his assistance Maribel. This treatment has avoided many visits to the emergency room for my 92 years old Mom. I wish we had known about it many years ago. This would have prevented many challenging and hard moments my beautiful Mom has suffered and gone through. This therapy helps to keep her lungs clear of all mucus and congestion. My Mom gets it twice a week with three different medications. Thanks for the great treatment.


All County Health Care 5 stars

Sandra Amaya

Patient's Daughter

My experience with All County Health Care has been very good.  The nurse who came daily was excellent and always very caring.  She was well informed and very competent.  The nursing supervisor who came was also excellent.  I felt very comfortable with my care and I would recommend this company to others.


All County Health Care 5 stars

Elizabeth Jordan


To Whom It May Concern,
In Regards to nurse Chadam, I wanted to say she’s an excellent nurse, very proficient, professional, and caring.  She’s a very caring nurse, she is always on time.  Assisted me on getting well, made me feel confident, in I can do this, she can do this, we can do this together.  I just wanted to let management know, she is truly a godsend.  And without her, I don’t know if I could have done this.  I have been blessed to have her on my team.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  



All County Health Care 5 stars

Jerry Gray

Patient, 12-2-2017

I am very pleased with the services I received from All County Health Care particularly my wound care.  My nurse has been very caring and courteous as she worked with me for along time she was always on time and very encouraging.

The conversation between the wound care doctor and All County Health Care was excellent!


Thank you I had a rather pleasant experience.



All County Health Care 5 stars

Ann Friedman


Pediatric Pulmonary & Allergy Associate, P.A. Testimonial
Natalia Picariello-Chin RN, BSN Testimonial
Mary Jane Healy Beavers Testimonial

It was a pleasure to have your staff in our home treating my mother. Her physician requested Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilator (IPV) therapy to help with her distressed breathing. The IPV was a tremendous help alleviating my mother’s breathing problems.

All County Health Care 5 stars

Philip Kaan