Our professional team of skilled nurses are carefully screened, and all references are checked in order to ensure the highest quality home healthcare services. Furthermore, the licenses of all our Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses are verified with the State of Florida Department of Professional Regulations. You can rest easy knowing that our nurses will meet your medical and personal needs in a compassionate manner.

Our experienced cardiac nurses, PTs, OTs, and home health aides all work together to ensure that you receive the specialized care, attention, medication, and education needed to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Improve your quality of life with our cardiac team today!

Our diabetic team of qualified field nurses focus on the education, monitoring, and treatment of patients with Type 1 or Type II diabetes. Thanks to the excellent communication that the nurses have with our office staff, they can stay on top of your specific health needs and improve your quality of life. The benefits of our diabetic team are endless and include less hospital visits and better overall health.


If you are suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), All County Health Care can help. Our Pulmonary Hygiene team is specially trained to use our IPV devices for COPD treatments to help you treat your pulmonary problems without frequent visits to the doctor or hospital. Start breathing better and easier than ever by enlisting in the help of our experience pulmonary team. Read More

Treating and healing wounds is essential to your overall health. That’s where our wound care team comes in. Our wound care team is filled with qualified field nurses who have great open communication with our office staff to ensure optimal healing and positive outcomes. We take a multidisciplinary approach by treating injuries as well as their cause.

If you are suffering from any type of memory loss or possible mental illness, a psychiatric home health nurse may be considered. A signed physician’s order with psych diagnosis is required and it should read “Psych RN Eval and Treat”. Once received, we will schedule a visit by one of our Medicare certified psychiatric home health nurses. All County Health Care’s psychiatric home health nurses have a minimum of 1-3 years psychiatric experience. The patient will be visited by the nurse, usually weekly and will be periodically reevaluated for continuation of care. The psychiatric home health nurse will communicate with the interdisciplinary team regarding the patient’s psychiatric testing, progress, and recommendations throughout the term of care.